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Castellum Ventures, LLC is launching a set of brand new technical marketing services to create highly scalable demonstrations for our customers while maximizing their return on investment.  The commitment to create a new technical marketing services company came out of pure frustration with the current lack of companies offering the services that are needed by the industry.  The founders of Castellum have been in the technical marketing roles for hi-tech companyies in silicon valley and have had the responsibility to create highly scalable service models.  Our search for technical marketing services only lead us to companies providing "body shopping" without any knowledge or understanding of the marketing process.  These services can be hired by a local recruiting agency and all they have to offer is basic computer and network support.  While these services will enable a short lived project to be completed, there is a significant missed opportunity to capture the customer excitement and close sales opportunities. 
Castellum brings to the market a fresh approach to the entire technical marketing outsourcing.  Today's companies have significant demands placed on them by their customers.  The customers require participation in events that are a significant impact to the marketing budget.  Castellum believes that demonstrations are core to every business and done correctly can be a significant driver of revenue. The problem is that demonstrations created without a comprehensive business strategy can be come very costly investment with very little ROI. Stop the madness and give Castellum Ventures a call today.

More to come...

As Castellum Ventures continues to drive the new vision for the industy, look here for more exciting news and events that will help your and your company be successful in all your demonstration needs.