PIDs Made Easy….

We have been playing with the Arduino environments and Quadcopters, especially the Walkera Runner 250s.  Before my Small Business Servers were blown up by the Aabaco Team, I had several blog postings on these quadcopters so I apologize if this is a repeat for you.  The subject of PIDs for these devices (and industrial controls) can be very confusing for so many that I had decided to create a simple video that makes it super easy to understand.  For example, most people’s eyes glaze over as soon as you say the words, Proportional, Integral, and Derivative.  If you are trying to explain these control loops for the quadcopters, you have lost them before you even try to speak the fourth word.  The designers of MultiWii, Cleanflight, Baseflight and other flight control systems have spent untold hours on creating super easy GUIs to configure these parameters but without the user/operator understanding what they are configuring the end result is not favorable.  In the simple tutorial, I use driving a car as an analogy and put these “complex” terms into a context that is easy for anyone to understand.  Feedback is appreciated.