Blog Restart…Again…

What a challenge it has been lately over keeping this blog up and running.  If you have made it this page from one of the links that I had posted around on some of the quadcopter forums, you might notice the article that you were looking for is not up here.  That is because on June 1st, I got an “Urgent Email” from Aabaco telling me to call them as they had an emergency situation with my site and they had to take me off line.

Aabaco notice

As you can see, they did not provide any details.  Thinking that my auto pay with the credit card failed, I quickly checked my credit card and found they had been paid a few days ago.  So I called them and they told me that had detected malware on my website and that I was to “FTP” all of the files from the website directories and scan them with one of my scanners.  I happen to know a little bit about malware and how it behaves, so I tried to explain to them that even if I went through that process that the malware issue would not be resolved.  What was even more interesting is that had actually locked me out of the account billing/administration portal.  Trying to get more details so an effective remediation could occur, I asked him for the files that were associated to the malware event that was detected.  If you guessed where I am going, yes…you guessed right.  He could not answer.  I told him there were so many real and effective steps that could be taken that would be a better use of time than me to go through a silly exercise that would have no effect on the infected server.  You might have also guessed, that I have moved my cloud based services to another provider.  Sadly, I had been with the Yahoo Small Business Services for a long time and unfortunately as Yahoo spins out their lines of businesses, they are not checking for competency as a requirement for the business transaction.  That is one massively large data center where cyber attackers will be able to launch cyber attack campaigns without the risk of being stopped.  I am incredibly confident that FTP does not have the capability to remove any malware.   Now that I am done venting, we can get back to real topics that are more interesting!

One last comment, as required by my employer.  The comments and opinions are MY OWN and in now way represent any company I may be associated.

2 thoughts on “Blog Restart…Again…”

  1. I am so pleased to have found your link to this page
    I bought a 250 runner just before xmas 2015 second hand
    i now know why he got rid. The problems i have had with this quad, I have spent more time fixing it and replacing cheap frame parts after crashing to 100%carbon fibre
    The Devo 7 is a nighnare, I have spent months trying to configure it
    Walkera are a waste of time they say refer to the manual
    I have found even when i save the setting if you are to go to a next menu setting it changes the first one Eg Flap Act /saved then Flap gear
    If you change that it changes the first one
    That shouldn’t happen? So more times than not I reset and start all over.
    Trying to get the flight modes on that fmd switch Well i think i have it So this weekend i took to the skies Only to smash it up again
    Just wanted to do a flip on it’s own
    Oh well nothing on this week ,may as well re build the runner
    I have spent so much money on this quad i dont want to give up on it
    Yet i had 3 guys all say Count your losses and get rid
    Seeing your posts makes me want to keep going Sadly i don’t have the cash to change the transmitter so i am stuck with the dredded Devo 7
    Wish there was a hack to run it on Cleanflight as its much easier to understand
    Would love to know your transmitter settings Unfortunatly dont have any cash left to buy your book sorry
    Love to see more of your post Do you have a facebook page

    1. Thanks for reading.
      I found it incredibly hard to understand the manual as well and I had realized that by the time I had really learned what they were doing that others might need a better resource so I wrote the first book on the Devo 7.

      When I realized the Runners would randomly drop out of the sky, I decided to port the MultiWii 2.4 code on to the Walkera and also provide an incredible amount of details on the schematics of the Runners. That is why the second book. It is probably needs a title update to highlight just how much details I put in the book on the schematics. The idea there was that you would know what traces went were and possibly be able to solder jumpers across cracked traces.

      Take a look at the Walkera Runner 250 Support page. It is not my page, but I keep an eye on it and respond to many posts there and you will find others helping the Runner crowd.

      You see some of the challenges I had as well flying the Runners on my YouTube channel.

      I have converted all of my Runner flight controllers over to MultiWii 2.4. There are some that have been going to the 250(c) because it is suppose to be able to run Cleanflight. Either way, change the controller software.

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