Castellum Ventures Trade Show Solutions
We create and deliver highly scalable demonstrations for our customers while maximizing their return on investments


We offer the following services:

Strategic Demonstration Programs
Trade Show SolutionsDemonstration Equipment Asset Management
Trade Show SolutionsRemote Hosting Demonstration Services
Trade Show and Event Services
Trade Show SolutionsTrade Show Technical Project Management
Trade Show SolutionsTrade Show Technical Demonstrations
Trade Show SolutionsEvent Demonstration Stategy
Trade Show SolutionsConference Network Project Management
Trade Show SolutionsFlash Demonstrations
Trade Show SolutionsExecutive Keynote Demonstrations
Sales Demonstration Services
Trade Show SolutionsSales Demonstration Kits
Trade Show SolutionsMobile Demonstrations
Trade Show SolutionsVideo Demonstrations
Trade Show SolutionsRoadshow Project Management
Trade Show SolutionsPortable Demonstration Kits
Channel Partner Demonstration Services
Trade Show SolutionsPartner Demonstration Kits
Trade Show SolutionsPartner Demonstration Training
Trade Show Solutions

How much are you getting back from those demos?

What is the return on investment that your company is making from all of those demonstrations? Think of the lifespan of a demonstration created for a single event like a trade show. Typically they last up until the event is over. Stop the madness and let us create a model for you where the returns continue long after the event.

Here are just some of the ways we can help you:

Trade Show SolutionsWe will show you how to prove a true return on investment on your demonstrations
Trade Show SolutionsWe will create a demonstration strategy that delivers results
Trade Show SolutionsWe will create and deliver your demonstrations at your events


Trade Show Solutions

Castellum Ventures is changing the way our customers plan,
create, and deliver demonstrations. Demonstrations do not have to be seen as a cost center any longer, but as
a business critical tool to generate revenue.

What We Do:

Trade Show Solutions

We have proven methodologies to create a corporate
demonstration strategy that combines the traditional
marketing disciplines and engineering skill sets. We will present our valued service offerings to you and your team.